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Hi, I'm Janáis and I have been providing photography and studio services in the Central Florida area since 2015. I've always been the girl with a camera in hand and headphones on. I've always had a love for photography. My mom used to have shoeboxes full of pictures under her bed. I would sit and just go through them all. Memories from my childhood and hers. Making memories has always been important to me. I remember being in middle school with a disposable camera for every moment. Always in charge of any picture taking going on. My very first job aside from volunteering I worked at a photo studio in the mall. I was actually taking my son to get his pictures taken and I happened to ask if they were hiring. They were and I started the next week. Fast forward to today I now own my own photography studio. Bringing your vision to life, Creating memories for a lifetime. 

Whether you’re looking to book for an event, or would like to have a shoot at our studio, send us an email or give us a call. I can't wait to work with you!

"Bringing your vision to life, Creating memories for a lifetime"

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